"I have been an active member of the Upper Hunter Show for the last 36 years, during which time I have seen many changes but, none as dramatic as this one. I was educatored in an era before computers were in schools so I am not a confident computer user and have had no formal computer training, so you can imagine my horror when Marc told me that we were going to be implementing the new entry system. I was terrified to say the least.

Me being me I went along to the information afternoon with Marc the pavilion coordinator, I have to say I left there feeling a little overwhelmed and thought it’s ok because Marc will do it, how wrong was I, Marc had business to attend to in Sydney for several weeks before the show, which through me in the deep end and before I knew it I was telling people how to enter their items on line even my daughters (who are quite clever with computers) were blown away hearing me tell people how to use it over the phone, press this, click here.

In years gone by, we have needed an army of more than 12 people working in our pavilion for a couple of weeks leading up to the show, just so we can be ready in time. Last year, was our first year with the new system and there was only three of us and we worked for 10 days leading up to the show, bare in mind that I could not be there through the day as I run my own business and Trudy, Marc’s off sider is in her 80’s so we were really short of helpers and there is no way we could have been ready by show time without the new entry system

I am looking forward to next years show as the majority of people entering their items will know how the system works too and we will not need to explain the system as much and it will be even quicker."


Chris Hope (Steward)

Upper Hunter Show Inc


"With regard to the new show software that was introduced at our 2018 show we are delighted. We found it to be user friendly and incredibly time-saving, and it contributed to a smoother running of our show. It allowed our volunteers to have a much more enjoyable show experience instead of being bogged down with paperwork.

 A huge benefit is now that the database has been populated it will already be set up for future shows with competitor details held on record.

 Thank you Colin for your continuous, freely given support during our set-up and at show time. Also to Bruce for the whole concept and for rewriting parts of the program to reflect our needs."

 Heather Love (Secretary) and Wayne Feenstra (Treasurer).

Upper Hunter Show Inc


After looking into show software programs for a couple of years & been overwhelmed by technology our show took the plunge.

We decided to go with ShowTech as Colin & Bruce were full of confidence in their program & said they would only be a phone call away if we needed any help, which they were.

They answered our questions in plain English.

The program was so easy to work with, I could talk exhibitors through the process over the phone.

Some people were skeptical going online, saying that our entries would be down. OK it’s a learning curve, but to our surprise entries were up 10% on last year.

The program took all the work out of the office leading up to the show for our pavilions. After judging, certificates were printed with a click & prizemoney sheets were calculated.

We can’t wait to see the new developments that Colin & Bruce are working on to use at our show next year.

Roslyn Shearer

Northern Agricultural Association Inc

Singleton Show



"I would just like to congratulate you on providing a professional online entry system that has made registering produce, judging & stewardship duties that much easier.
     As Chief steward of the Stroud Show Produce Section, it has been a real pleasure to be able to direct potential entrants to our website and onto the online entry system. 
That & the judging system has cut out many manual processes and given our administration team more time and flexibility in their own tasks.    
    I am looking forward to next years show and the the tasks that have been made easier because of this system."
Brett Cooper (Chief Steward)

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